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Time has come for India to enhance in-house manufacturing capabilities: General Bipin Rawat


The time has come for the country to enhance in-house manufacturing capabilities, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Monday said.

Addressing at an event in New Delhi, General Rawat said, the Defence force is in the phase of transformation and a large number of weapon system needs to be upgraded. He said, India has been the largest importer of weapons systems and equipment.

Army Chief said, India is currently engaged in wide-ranging collaborations with countries like Brazil and Chile on the western edge and Vietnam on the eastern edge, adding that the countries have shown a keen interest in sharing technology with India.

He said, we are proud to announce about the Defence Corridor that will soon begin to take shape. General Rawat said, modern technology is being imbibed to be integrated with a weapon system and equipment to enable the armed forces to be prepared for the future.