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Sharika Devi: The Mahashakti in Kashmir


Hari Parbat or Koh-e-Maran is situated at the heart of Srinagar city; it is the most ancient and one of the holiest places in Kashmir. It is the throne of Mahashakti, the Divine Mother Sharika Bhagwati, also known as Rajrajeshwari (locally called as Hari).

The goddess is represented by Mahashriyantra, which consists of circular mystic impressions and triangular patterns with a dot (bindu) at the centre. The hill is considered extremely holy especially for all Kashmiris due to the presence of the temple of Sharika Devi, Maqdoom Sahib and Gurudwara Chhati Padshahi.

On the day of Sharika Jayanti, devotees make sacrificial offering of ‘Teher-Charvan’ (rice boiled with turmeric powder and mixed with oil, salt and cooked liver of goat) to the Goddess. On ‘Navreh’, (the New Year Day of Kashmiri Pandits) throughout Navaratri, devotees regularly visit the Hari Parbat for special prayers and worship.