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Kashmir based Political leaders tries to scuttle the development initiatives of PM Modi in Jammu,Kashmir & Ladakh Region .


Kashmir Based political Leaders are exhibiting bad mouth politics spreading negativities amongst the masses Polorising the region on the basis of investment on infrastructure projects undertaken by the govt of india. They share an opinion that the centre is discriminating with kashmiris .Whereas as per the ground reality majority of the masses have been benefitted by the central govt decision whether it was the matter of AIIMS, IIM , Central University , National Highways and other projects, Jammu Kashmir and Leh have recieved equal focus from the centre
The rhetoric has absolutely no basis but is solving only the personal purposes of the political leaders.

Now with Lok Sabha Elections 2019 very near, they are again geared up for vote bank politics focusing only on their constituency.
They should first be made accountable for their personal CDF expenditures for their respective constituencies. Voters must know the details of expenditures made by their legislatives first.
The news published in the local media are evident of glorification of the regional divide between Jammu and Kashmir. Leaders like Hakim Mohammad Yasin of PDF, Ali Mohd Sagar of NC, M Y tarigami of CPI(M) have openly come out with their statements of dicrmination with Kashmir.
Our effort is to put at rest all these false claims by the politicians based on the facts and figures available with the Govt and request these leaders to stay away from such statements in the interest of the development of the state.

At the end it is pertinent to bring to the notice of one and all that a recent proposal of Govt of india , department of power to install and operate world’s largest solar plant in Leh which would have the generation capacity of more than 5000 mega watt, is a glaring evidence of Govt of India’s healing and development agenda for the state of Jammu and Kashmir