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J&K Panthers Party holds protest, seeks dissolution of Assembly


Jammu, Oct 25: Rebuking the Central Government for unconstitutionally keeping the J&K Assembly in suspended animation for over four months following the collapse of BJP-PDP combine in the state, Panther Party activists spearheaded by Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman JKNPP, and other leaders held a protest demonstration at Exhibition Ground here on Thursday.

While torching the effigy of Central government and raising slogans, the agitated protesters urged the Governor to immediately dissolve the State Assembly and pave way for the fresh elections in the larger interest of the democracy.

Mr. Singh disclosed that following the breakdown of BJP-PDP alliance, the Governor Rule had been imposed in the State on June 19.

“All the major political parties including the Congress, BJP, PDP and National Conference had conveyed their inability to form the popular government in the State due to lack of numerical strength,” he added.

Adding more to his statement, he said, ”No plausible combination of political parties or alliance could come forth to claim the magic figure of 45 required for absolute majority,”

He also said that the Governor should act in conformity with the Parliamentary precedents and the mandate of constitution by immediately recommending the dissolution of the Assembly to pave way for the fresh elections.

Accusing the BJP for having a reputation of forging dirty alliances by offering enticements and other unethical means, Mr Singh said that the J&K Assembly was being kept under prolonged suspended animation at the behest of the Central government for vested political interests.

He further reckoned that in the prevalent situation of political uncertainty, the grant of all perks, amenities, emoluments and CDF to members of suspended Assembly whose rights and privileges stood suspended during the period defied all logic and rationale.