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J&K has best 4G video streaming in India: Survey

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An internet user in Kashmir might not be sure of the service remaining uninterrupted for long, because of the frequent snapping of the internet by the authorities, but what he can be sure of, though, is the speed of the internet service. According to a report put out by OpenSignal, a company that specialises in wireless coverage mapping, 4G users in Jammu and Kashmir are enjoying the best video streaming experience on 4G LTE or fourth-generation long term evolution offered by various telecom companies operating in the region. J&K is followed by Kolkata and Delhi at second and third spots respectively, while users in the North-Eastern region which is at the bottom of the table are still deprived of good video streaming experience, the report says.

“Smartphone users enjoy the best mobile video experience in Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Delhi Telecom Circle and Kolkata. The differences between the regions are greater than those for 4G availability. Additionally, it is noticeable that both Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir, rate much more highly for mobile video experience than they do compared with other regions for 4G availability,” OpenSignal report says.

“The reason for this is that as compared to the other top regions, the LTE availability in these areas is low, “the report adds.  As per the report, although J&K ranks at third-last  spot among all states in terms of 4G availability experienced by smartphone users but adds that “ a great mobile video experience does not correlate with the high 4G availability,”.

The 4G availability experienced by smartphone users ranges from 82.6 percent in the Kerala region to an impressive 90.9 percent in Kolkata while as Jammu and Kashmir has scored almost 83 percent, it says.

Highlighting the achievement of J&K to top 4G video streaming experience across the state, the report says mobile video experience depends on many other factors, beyond just the radio access network, which is what 4G availability measures.