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Gate of Unity to be built from leftover stones of Statue of Unity


New Delhi: The Statue of Unity was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this week to remember and highlight the contribution of Sardar Vallabhai Patel towards nation building. Now, the leftover stones from the construction of the world’s tallest statue would be used to construct ‘Gate of Unity’ near Sikar in Rajasthan.

The 46-feet gate would feature a bust of Sardar Patel and the national flag, and is expected to be built at a cost of Rs 75 lakh. It is reported that PWD has already given permission for the construction of the gate near Gungara road here.

Close to 1.5 lakh red stone was brought in for the construction of the Statue of Unity and whatever has been left will now be used to construct the gate in Sikar with the process of transporting the material having already begun. In-charge of the construction would be Anil Dhiva who had also significantly contributed to the construction of the Statue of Unity. “Through the Gate of Unity, the message sent out would be that natural waste material can be put to various use. Even during the construction of Gate of Unity, it was decided that Gate of Unity would also be built. We will also plant 500 saplings in the area here,” he said.

Using the leftover materials, according to Dhiva, would ensure that nothing would go to waste from the construction of the 182 metre tall Sardar Patel statue which weighs 1700 tonnes.