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BJP celebrating its ‘defeat’ in Ramnagar: Harsh


Despite a massive fall in its vote share in ULB elections in Ramnagar, it was amusing to see BJP celebrating its so called achievement in the town, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister.

He said that BJP which got around 70% of polled votes in Ramnagar town in 2014 Assembly elections had managed to get only 39% of the votes as against 38% votes falling in the kitty of Panthers Party and still it was indulging in drum beating only to befool its own self. He said that NPP had managed five seats in Municipal Committee Ramnagar with one seat lost in lottery draw and another seat by a margin of one vote.

He said that one of the police officers was openly promoting BJP besides deploying police personnel along with the BJP workers to ensure unhindered carriage of liquor and cash consignments to the vulnerable voters during elections. “And despite that the party got merely 39% votes and winning six seats by a razor thin majority. It was amusing therefore to see BJP celebrating its ‘defeat’ to ‘entertain’ people, said Singh. He was addressing public meetings in Ramnagar town, Badhole and Surni villages of Ramnagar constituency today.

Calling upon the people to throw out the self serving and opportunist leaders in the coming elections, Singh said that Ramnagar had witnessed all round decline in the last four years. While the leaders grew from rags to riches, the common man and the poor masses suffered due to the subsidence of all sorts of economic activity and derailment of development projects in the constituency. He regretted that Ramnagar which once was the number one constituency in terms of development initiatives was relegated as the tail ender during the last few years. He appealed to the people to give a befitting reply in the next elections to those leaders who had lured them with seductive slogans but failed them after coming to power.